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AARC Holds Annual Karaoke Event

Karaoke Event | Photo by Arden Reimer | The Wright State Guardian

The African American Residential Caucus held its annual ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics!’ event on Tuesday.

AARC and Don’t Forget the Lyrics!

AARC is an organization that advocates for African American students living on campus by hosting various events, according to co-advisor Charlee Mlemore.

Mlemore explained that the event was originally for homecoming to bring in residents, alumni and other such WSU affiliates. Mlemore described the event. 

“It’s basically a karaoke event. We’ll play a song for you, and then we’ll cut the song, and you’ll have to guess the lyrics of the part that’s cut out,” Mlemore said.

President Jajuan Pettey voiced why the AARC chose to hold the event.

“We chose ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics’ as it’s one of our annual events, and we always have a great turn out. Everyone comes out and has fun, and it’s nice to see if people really do remember the actual lyrics to songs,” Pettey said. “A lot of the time we just mumble to songs, so it’s funny to see who actually listens to the lyrics.”

Pettey also reflected on how the event turned out afterwards.

“I feel like we had a great turn out, everyone had fun, we gave out prizes and it was overall a great time,” Pettey exclaimed.

Involvement and the future of AARC

Vice President Ayanna Williams mentioned that people can contact the membership chair, who can add specific members to a group chat called ‘street team.’

“Our street team group chat comes to our events and works with our street team leaders, and they just help people get involved and let people know what events are coming up,” Williams said.

Williams mentioned two upcoming events the AARC will be hosting.

“I know we have ‘Pizza and Police’ coming up this October, and we also have a general meeting coming up this October,” Williams said.

The AARC is holding ‘Pizza and Police’ to create a more inviting relationship between students and campus safety officers; the event aims to inform students that WSUPD is here to protect students, according to Williams.

For more information on the AARC, students can email Jajuan Pettey at or Ayanna Williams at The AARC also has an Engage page located here

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