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Air conditioning issues in two main campus buildings due to system failures

Classroom | Photo by Qusai Takuri | The Wright State Guardian

Limited air conditioning is available in University Hall and Rike Hall while Wright State University (WSU) works to repair cooling system failures in each building.

University Hall

Facilities Operations has been aware of a cooling system failure in University Hall for six weeks, according to Seth Bauguess, WSU director of communications.

He explained two out of eight compressors in the air conditioning system failed and needed to be replaced. Parts were ordered to fix this issue, but due to supply chain issues, the delivery has been delayed.

“The supplier estimated that the parts would be delivered this week for ​installation,” Bauguess wrote, “Upon hearing that their delivery was delayed, Facilities sent the message to campus.”

The campus-wide email explained the limited air conditioning within University Hall, which will likely cause hotter than normal temperatures within some of the building. University Hall houses parts of the university administration, as stated in the staff directory. 

According to Bauguess, the university will finish repairs when the parts are delivered and will send further communications at that time. 

Rike Hall

On Monday evening, Facilities Operations reported in another campus-wide email the occurrence of another chiller failure, in Rike Hall.

Unlike University Hall which has limited cooling functions, Rike Hall was without air conditioning entirely on Monday evening and part of Tuesday. According to the email, an animal entered the cooling enclosure and caused damage to the wiring that required emergency repairs. 

Crews worked through the troubleshooting process Monday evening and continued on Tuesday. According to Bauguess, the issues in Rike Hall are now resolved.

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