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Alumni Spotlight: Amy Wendel

amy wendel

Wright State University (WSU) alumna Amy Wendel is originally from Fort Recovery, Ohio. Wendel received her paramedic certification from Sinclair Community College and then her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in 1993 and her Master of Science (MS) as a family nurse practitioner (NP) in 1998 from WSU.  

Educational history 

Wendel attended WSU because they have a great reputation for their nursing program. 

“There was actually quite a nursing shortage in the 80s and so there was a lot of recruiting going on at the time. I didn’t want to go to any other colleges because they only offered associate’s degrees,” Wendel said 

Wendel joined WSU’s Nurse Practitioner program during its pilot course and would later start her own practice in Fort Recovery under the name of Amy Wendel Family Health.  

After graduating, Wendel would continue to undergo postgraduate education that included wellness care, preventative care and female and male hormone interest.  

Amy Wendel Family Health 

Amy Wendel Family Health focuses on wellness, preventative care and family practice. 

According to Wendel, the practice has been running since 2013 and has been a dream come true. 

The practice started in a rental space in downtown Fort Recovery and was later moved to a 14,000 square foot warehouse. This new location houses mental health counseling, a physical therapy department and family care. 

“I was really drawn to more independent roles as a nurse. I worked in some med-surge, but I mostly liked ER and ICU. I really enjoyed those different areas of nursing because they challenged me to make decisions on my own, not necessarily just following the doctor’s order,” Wendel said.  

According to Wendel, her family was not exactly supportive of her decision to become an NP solely because it was something unheard of in the area. 

“They couldn’t conceive of it; they just couldn’t conceive of a nurse being in a role like that. But I talked to my mom, who was also a nurse and she said, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve heard about that. Go for it, you’re going to be fine. You’re a trailblazer,” Wendel said.  

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor

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