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Annie Lennox, Scottish Singer, Cries for Ceasefire at the Grammys

Ceasefire at the Grammys | Graphic by Abigail Abbott | The Wright State Guardian

Annie Lennox, a Scottish singer, songwriter and political activist, called for a ceasefire in Gaza at the Grammys on Feb. 4. 

The Grammys

“Artists for ceasefire. Peace in the world,” Lennox shouted after paying tribute to the late Sinéad O’Connor, an Irish singer and activist known for ripping a picture of the Pope on her musical performance at Saturday Night Live.

The political statement was made to call attention to the violence that continues in Gaza, where now close to 30,000 lives have been lost, according to the Associated Press.


Lennox is one of many artists and celebrities urging United States President Joe Biden to intervene and call for a ceasefire. 

In October 2023, an open letter on the Artists4Ceasefire website, consisting of signatures from Drake, Jeremy Allen White and Selena Gomez, was created as a call to action towards Biden. 

“We ask that, as President of the United States, you and the U.S. Congress call for an immediate de-escalation and ceasefire in Gaza and Israel before another life is lost,” the letter reads. 

The signees plea for the presence of humanity in the current despair.

The Israel-Hamas conflict

Tensions have occurred between Israel and Palestine for decades, but never at this magnitude. Hamas’ surprise attack in October provoked outrage from Israel, as it was unlike any past behavior. An escalation of violence between both has continued since.

“The scale of Oct. 7 was totally out of proportion to anything that had happened [before],” Dr. Liam Anderson, a political science professor at Wright State University, said. 

Media coverage 

Censorship continues to limit the Israel-Hamas war’s brutality to the United States.

Anderson spoke on the media coverage in the U.S. compared to other countries.

“I was in Iraq in November, and so I was watching this stuff unfold on [a news network funded by the government of Qatar]. They show you the carnage, and they show you it from the Palestinian perspective. That’s what most of the rest of the world sees,” Anderson said. 

Celebrity activism

Lennox’s call to action was unexpected and short-lived, as cameras quickly panned away from the singer.

Lennox’s plea for peace is one of many displays of social activism in the artist’s career. The singer’s fight to spread awareness for HIV/AIDS and climate change lends to Lennox’s credibility as an activist.

Other celebrities and public figures receive criticism for talking on social issues when deemed less qualified. 

Marlee Ruiz, a chemistry major at Wright State University, made a statement on talking about social issues.

“For those who aren’t educated on the topics, I don’t think they should share their opinions, but for those who did their research and have really strong opinions and want to influence the big crowd, I think that’s good that they’re speaking about what they believe in,” Ruiz said.

For more information about Artists4Ceasefire, visit the organization’s webpage. The Associated Press provides daily updates about the Israel-Hamas war. 

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