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App Review: Hoopla Digital

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels
Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels
App Review: Hoopla Digital / Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

Hoopla is an app which makes full use of your library membership. Basically, you can read eBooks, listen to audiobooks and stream music, movies and TV shows on multiple devices.

Content can be accessed on your TV, phone, laptop or tablet. All you need is a valid library card number and the Hoopla app. You can visit their website and sign up from there.

Just create and account with your email, select your library, enter your card information and you’re good to go.

Best part? All of this is free. Technically.

If you have Roku, Apple TV or an Amazon FireStick, you can stream television shows and movies on your TV, just like Netflix or Hulu. Androids and iPhones are great for listening to audiobooks or streaming videos. And with tablets or laptops, all digital content is available to access.

As a side note, you can download titles for later when you have better internet access.

Apart from Hoopla’s ease of accessibility, another positive is how varied their content is. All titles in Hoopla have dozens of categories, which make it easier to find something you are in the mood for. For example, movies are divided into categories like ‘Book to Film’, ‘Oscar Winners & Nominees’, ‘Based on a True Story’ and so on.

The only cons are being limited to a certain number of titles you can check out, and Hoopla may not be available in your library.

The amount of time you can borrow an item for varies as well. You can rent a movie for 72 hours or an audiobook for 21 days, depending upon the terms of your library.

Truthfully, there aren’t any real cons with this app. It’s free, it’s easy to use and you get a world of new content.