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Author: Dylan Collison

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Breaking: Wright State ‘Couldn’t come to terms’ with suitable candidate for new college

Interim Provost Oliver H. Evans announced the leadership structure for the university’s new College of Health, Education, and Human Services.

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Update: WSARC responds to WSU lawsuit: ‘We are deeply disappointed and confused’

WSU filed a civil lawsuit against WSARC in an attempt to require the corporation to return state property and funds.

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Raider Report

Raider Report V2, EP2: National Suicide Prevention Month with social worker Debbie Flynn

In this episode of Raider Report, our staff sits down with social worker Debbie Flynn to talk about personal experiences, mental health and suicide prevention warning signs.

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The Wright State Guardian

Raider Report V2, EP1: Welcome Back Featuring President Sue Edwards

Welcome back to Raider Report! Our News Editor Nicolas BenVenuto, News Reporter Katie Chrosniak and Wright Life Reporter Maxwell Patton speak with President Sue Edwards, Wright State University’s 8th President. They talk about the journey back to campus, Wright State’s path forward and life as it exists today.

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Photograph: Soham Parikh/The Guardian

Nearly 350 WSU staff take reduction in pay

346 Wright State University (WSU) staff took reductions in pay due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to President Sue Edwards.

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