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Author: Ellee Rogers

Four Ways to Stay Productive Over Winter Break

Here are some tips for staying productive while also enjoying the winter vacation.

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West Side Story

New Must See Movies Coming Out in December

This December brings with it a vast array of new movies. With an exciting winter break on the horizon, seeing a movie could be a great activity to relax and unwind.

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Adele Releases New Album Titled “30”

Powerhouse singer Adele has been astonishing audiences with her heartfelt music since 2007, and after a six-year hiatus, she is back with a new album.

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Tips to Relax Over Holiday Break

While the holidays can welcome a lot of love and light, they can also bring chaos and stress with them. This holiday break, take some time to unwind and cherish the time off.

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Netflix streaming service

The Best Movies to Watch on Each Streaming Service

Here are a couple of great or classic movies available on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and Paramount+ so you can better decide which service to tune into.

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