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Author: Emily Mancuso

What to do in the Dayton area over break

Beat the Heat With These Summer Activities in Dayton

As Dayton battles a heat wave, students can wave away the summer rays with these fun indoor activities without breaking the bank.

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WSU Celebrates Class of 2022 During Spring Commencement

Wright State University celebrates the spring 2022 commencement of thousands of undergraduate graduates from all disciplines and backgrounds, at this weekend’s ceremony. Featured speakers highlighted the struggles and strength of the Class of 2022.

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Dayton’s Not Dead: Gem City Selfie Museum

Gem City Selfie Museum will offer art therapy and impactful photo sets in addition to their already thriving pop-up exhibits to the Dayton community.

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Dayton’s Not Dead: Space Three Fitness Boutique

Space Three Fitness Boutique promises to be a “third space” away from work and school for students interested in fitness.

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Fall Festival at Wright State's campus

WSU Student Morale: How Involvement Affects Raider Pride

Involved commuter and residential students alike find that involvement makes them more likely to have higher student morale.

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