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Author: Isaac Warnecke

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GTV: Antics with Ashley: Grandma and the Hot Topic

My grandma was a fierce woman. There are many stories I could give in my 20 years of knowing her that could be an example of this. But my favorite story of her was the first time that she went into Hot Topic.

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GTV: WSU Student Wins Paris Film Awards Gold Award for Indie Film

Announced Nov.16, WSU Film student Jason Estes won the Paris Film Awards Gold Award for Indie Film for the month of October with the short film “A Date with a Cheerleader.”

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GTV: WSU Theater Presents “Cabaret,” Reflects on Relevance Today

Focusing on the journey of an idealistic American aspiring author exploring the unsavory nightlife of Berlin during the rise of Nazism, Wright State University presents “Cabaret” in the theatre’s own unique style as told by the cast and artistic director.

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GTV: The Campus Rock: Political Messaging with Religious Excuses

Wright State’s beloved campus rock has recently featured political messages on it, which many students believe to be harmful.

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GTV: 3 Ways to Destress After MidtermsGTV:

Midterms are wrapping up, but the anxiety that they cause still lingers. Students should all find a reliable way to relieve their stress so they can start the second half of the semester fresh.

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