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nphc construction

Breaking: NPHC Plots to be Unveiled Oct. 2

Wright State University’s (WSU) National Pan Hellenic Council (NPHC) shared Oct. 2 will be the new opening day for the memorial plots.

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WSU Parking | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

WSU Plans Changes to Parking Passes

WSU Department of Public Safety undertakes parking services and introduces changes to parking passes.

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Wright State Physicians | Photo by Daniel Delgado | Edited by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

WSU Moves Covid-19 Testing and Vaccination Site

WSU plans to move covid-19 testing and vaccination sites from Wright State Physicians to the main campus, fostering accessibility for increased covid-19 testing.

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Face Coverings Required in Housing,

WSU Extends Optional Covid Testing for Residential Students

Wright State University (WSU) extends optional post-Labor Day Covid testing for residential students.

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COVID-19 Vaccinations

BREAKING: Wright State Not Planning to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations

Wright State University says that it has no plans to issue a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the near future, citing complexities in enforcing the mandate.

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