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Author: Kaitlyn Chrosniak

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Easy to Make Winter Sweet Treats

The following dessert recipes are easy-to-make sweet treats that will have any winter fanatic ecstatic for the cold months to come.

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Wright State Physicians

WSU Struggles to Supply COVID-19 Tests

WSU planned to test residential students for COVID-19 following Labor Day weekend, only to run out of tests the first day they were offered.

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Raider Report V3, EP3: Sports, Kid-Free Weddings and Changing Majors With Guest Anna Vandewiele

The Wright State Guardian’s Social Media Manager Holly Hulett and Sports Reporter Noah Kindig are joined with Guest Anna Vandewiele, WWSU’s Marketing Director, for the third episode of Raider Report. The crew talks about the greatest shot in disc golf history and big moments in Wright State Sports. In a new “Am I the Bad […]

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Honors Dorms

New Housing Projects in Planning Process

In the nine months since Crawford Hoying took ownership of several WSU housing properties, a number of small repairs and ongoing large projects have broken ground on campus.

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Raider Report V3, EP2: Homecoming and Other Upcoming Events

The Wright State Guardian’s News Editor Katie Chrosniak is joined by fellow Social Media Manager Holly Hullet and Sports Reporter Noah Kindig in the second episode of Raider Report for the Fall 2021 semester. The crew talks about several current and upcoming events at WSU including Homecoming and Festival of Flight. Another round of the […]

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