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Author: Kaitlyn Chrosniak

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Campus Crime Log | The Wright State Guardian

Campus Crime Notes for Week of Jan. 29

During the week of Jan. 29, four different crimes were reported on the Wright State University main campus.

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Parking lot closed sign | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | The Wright State Guardian

WSU’s Winter Weather Plans: What You Need to Know

Wright State University (WSU) has taken several collective measures to ensure the safety of students and faculty on campus.

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GameStop | Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

How Reddit and GameStop Broke the Stock Market

The actions of a Reddit subgroup known as r/wallstreetbets have recently drawn in attention from Congress over GameStop stocks.

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Waste scanner | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | The Wright State Guardian

Is WSU Testing Your Poop?

WSU alerted students to five devices that were placed on campus that serve the purpose of detecting traces of the coronavirus in water waste.

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Union Market Closed | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | The Wright State Guardian

Campus Dining Hours Changing for Spring Semester

The Union Market and Dunbar Library Starbucks are among several dining options at WSU that underwent changes this spring.

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