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Author: Katie Jones

Collin’s Law: Prevention, not Punishment

Over 200 hazing deaths have been reported in the United States since 1838, five deaths occurring in 2019 alone. In Ohio, Collin’s Law seeks to prevent this.

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Book Club Finds New Leadership, Lays Burden on Students

Junior Alexis Hagerman never thought her love for books would lead to the stress of being leader of Wright State University’s English club.

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International Students: Conflicting Pressures and Pursuing Passions

Two Indian international students found themselves in the U.S. under similar circumstances, but the passion and pressure that drove them there are completely different.

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Dayton Woman Stresses Need for Passion as Parent and Full-Time Student

Stefanie Wilcox left her job as a business analyst to go back to college for the third time.

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Wright Venture information session

Shark Tank Meets Wright State With Annual Wright Venture Competition

Shark Tank meets WSU in the upcoming Wright Venture competition, where aspiring WSU entrepreneurs give business presentations to a panel of industry experts.

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