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Author: Katie Jones

Front Street Art

Dayton’s Not Dead: Front Street

Front Street, a community of artists, artisans and small business owners in Dayton, strives to connect with the general public.

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ANAS Meeting

Native American Heritage Month: Sharing Tribe Creation Stories

On Nov. 16, three WSU members of Association of Native American Students (ANAS) held a panel discussing the creation stories of their tribes.

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Five Unique Holiday Foods From Around the World

With the holidays coming up, many Americans will be looking forward to dinner staples like mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey and stuffing. In other countries, holiday food varies widely.

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SGA | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | The Wright State Guardian

SGA: New Resolution and COVID Vaccine Requirements

Wright State University’s (WSU) Student Government Association (SGA) met on Nov. 23 to discuss Resolution 21-03, COVID-19 vaccination requirements and upcoming events.

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Five Fun “Which Are You’ Quizzes to Take

Online quizzes are a quick, fun activity to do and compare results with your friends. Here are five different ‘which are you’ quizzes to take.

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