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Author: Kaylee Raines

Smales Pretzel Bakery

Dayton’s Not Dead: Smales Pretzel Bakery

Smales Pretzel Bakery is a local business serving freshly baked pretzels to the Dayton community. Visiting Smales invokes a sense of nostalgia through its rich history, classic pretzels and friendly atmosphere.

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Now and Zen DIY Studio

Dayton’s Not Dead: Now and Zen DIY Studio

Mother-daughter duo Paula Willis and Alleah Cooks turned their passion for nature and creativity into Now and Zen Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Studio.

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Mia Honaker

Mia Honaker: Staff, Student and Advocate

Mia Honaker is committed to promoting diversity and advocating for others. Through this dedication, Honaker has made a lasting impact on WSUand the Dayton community.

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Weekly Horoscopes

This week’s New Moon in Scorpio will be intensely emotional but will help each sign delve deeper into their intuition.

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Jedawn Wilson

Wright Through My Eyes: JeDawn Wilson

Wright State University (WSU) student JeDawn Wilson strives to be culturally engaged on campus and is inspired by creative expression.

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