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Author: Kayli Thompson

Guardian Gallery: National Air Force Museum

Take a close look at the oldest and largest military aviation museum in the world, located just down the road from Wright State University.

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Guardian Gallery: A Trip to St. Louis

Take a trip to St. Louis with this Guardian Gallery. If you have never been up in the St. Louis Gateway Arch, this is a must see.

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Guardian Gallery: WSU Walking Trails

Take a walk through the flourishing Wright State outdoor trails in this week’s Guardian Gallery featuring the natural beauty of Wright State.

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Guardian Gallery: Oregon District “Out on Fifth”

Take a walk through the Oregon District with this Guardian Gallery featuring the “Out on Fifth” Pilot Program.

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greenville falls

Guardian Gallery: Greenville Falls

A walk through Greenville Falls in Convington, Ohio.

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Guardian Gallery: Dayton Shines

Dayton remembers the victims of the mass shooting in the Oregon District one year ago today.

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