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Author: Leah Kelley

Wright State holds graduation ceremony for over 2,000 students

Over 2,100 graduates will be awarded with bachelor amnd masters degrees as well as associate and post master certificates at the 2017 Spring Commencement at Wright State’s Nutter Center on Saturday, April 29.  The Saturday morning ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. and will include the graduates from 23 different states, international students from 19 […]

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Org space redesign being discussed

The Student Affairs Committee is discussing a possible redesign of the student organization complex. This complex, located in the lower atrium of the Student Union houses eight student organization offices. According to the director of student affairs, Noelle Downey, one of the reasons for the change is, “We want to make sure that those in […]

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Hopkins backs out of commencement ceremony duties

Former WSU president David Hopkins said he would preside over the university’s graduation ceremony when he issued his resignation. However, according to Board of Trustees chairman Michael Bridges, that is no longer the case. Hopkins will no longer preside over the commencement ceremony, a role provost Tom Sudkamp will manage in his stead. Bridges revealed […]

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What do instructors and professors wish students knew?

  You’ve graduated high school, the ACT is behind you, and you’ve applied to many different colleges. After countless tours and orientations, you finally decide on the college you want to attend. Now, all you can do is wait for classes to begin. That can be scary and nerve-racking. To help ease your nerves, we […]

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Hit or Miss: Where to eat on campus

Not everyone at WSU has the liberty to run off campus for lunch. However, there are tried and true campus dining options to go for, or avoid if you are looking for a good meal. Hits: If you’re on campus and want to treat yo self, I would recommend going to the Denny’s. However, this […]

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