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Author: Shaddia Qasem

Wright1 Card Center | Photo by Dylan Collison | The Wright State Guardian

The benefits of student discounts: Where to go

Apart from the reward of college, there are many perks to being a student. One of those perks is having a student discount to certain eateries and shops near campus.

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Photo by Shaddia Qasem | The Wright State Guardian

The Continuum Disaster (creative story)

“I just don’t understand how you all can be celebrating right now,” Axel said to his long-time friends. “You drag me to this party to celebrate the end of an awful year when the next one won’t be any better!”

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How to beat break boredom | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Best places to have family get-togethers

Although the holidays are over, it’s never too late to have family get-togethers. Inviting family over can get crowded and messy; luckily, there are some restaurants that can come to your rescue.

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Youtube Rewind / Biggest moments of the past decade | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Remembering the biggest moments of the decade

It’s official: we have finally entered the “roaring twenties.” The start of a new year is always exciting, and with this being the start of a new decade, the excitement is different.

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Classic holiday music | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Holiday songs to listen to year-round

With that being said, the topic of holiday music can be quite controversial; some listeners believe it to be designated only during the holidays, and some believe it acceptable to listened to any time of the year.

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Holiday Fads | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Holiday trends and traditions, did we name yours?

The holidays are a special time for family, friends and interesting traditions that are much different than any other time throughout the year.

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How to stay healthy when traveling | Photo by Daniel Delgado | The Wright State Guardian

How to stay healthy while traveling

It is no secret that traveling weakens your immune system, leaving you susceptible to getting sick quickly. Here are five tips on how to stay healthy while traveling:

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TBT: The best fashion trends of the decade

It’s important to look back on the past several years and learn from our successes and mistakes.

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Music of the Decade playlists | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Travel playlist/top music of the decade

With Christmas coming up soon, highways and airports will be packed with the hustle and bustle of eager travelers. Although traveling can be fun, traveling long distances can get a little monotonous. One of the best ways to conquer the monotony is to create a playlist to listen to on your journey. Since this decade […]

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SGA holds weekly meeting | Photo by Sarah Cavender | The Wright State Guardian

SGA revised constitution to go into effect next semester

In a recent Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, members of the organization motioned and voted to adopt a new constitution and bylaws, which, upon its final revision, will go into effect on Jan. 1.

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