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Author: Soham Parikh

Photo and Media Assistant

WWSU 106.9 Radio | Photograph by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian Media

Guardian Gallery: A look inside WWSU 106.9

WWSU Radio 106.9 is the student-run and student-led radio station on campus. Students have the opportunity to become DJs and learn the mechanics of what it means to be behind the mic.

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Guardian Gallery: First Snowfall of the Season

Take a look at the beautiful first snowfall of the season on Wright State’s campus. Just in time for December.

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Guardian Gallery: With God’s Grace, WSU food drive

In the crisis where everything seems to have been frozen to a standstill, this short trip truly made me appreciate the continuous hard work these fearless leaders are putting day in and day out to make sure that Daytonians don’t suffer.

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