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Basketball Teams Prepare for Uncertain Season

WSU vs. Cleveland State Women's Basketball | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

WSU vs. Cleveland State Women’s Basketball | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

The Wright State University (WSU) men’s and women’s basketball teams are preparing for the upcoming season, as they would for any other season. The basketball teams were allowed to begin summer activities starting July 20.

The NCAA basketball season doesn’t begin until November. However, due to coronavirus this is the first time the coaches and players have been able to participate in university activities since the end of last season.

The basketball activities and preparation for this season will be unlike any other season in college basketball history, because of coronavirus.

There will be a multitude of guidelines put in place by WSU campus, the NCAA, along with federal, state and local authorities.

“Wright State University policy requires the use of face coverings inside campus facilities… All media footage must be shot in the viewing room through the glass windows, located directly across from the main entrance,” according to a press release from the university on July 17.

As the season approaches, there could be numerous policies that are changed or enforced strictly. This situation is fluid and changing almost weekly.

Men’s basketball team

Last season the WSU men’s basketball team was anticipating an invitation to the National Invitation Tournament (NIT) before it was canceled.

Scott Nagy, the head coach for the men’s basketball team, knows this season will be different, but he is operating as if it were business as usual.

“We have to go ahead like it will be a normal season, and we’re operating on a day to day basis,” said Nagy.

Nagy is following all of the protocols that have been put in place, and he seems eager to get back to work with the team.

“For our emotional well-being it’s good for everyone to be back… They’ve been waiting for this moment to be back together, and when the players are with us they are safer,” said Nagy.

Nagy will be entering his fourth season as head coach, and will look to continue the great success he’s had at WSU thus far.

Women’s basketball team

The WSU women’s basketball team had their first season below 20 wins, under Head Coach Katrina Merriweather.

Merriweather is ecstatic to have the opportunity to bounce back this season and get things back on track.

“I can’t see last season having an impact on this year, everyone is extremely excited to get back,” said Merriweather.

She is ready for the challenge this season, even though there is still lots of uncertainty surrounding the specifics of how the season will work.

“We’re really excited to be together right now, and just have the opportunity to get in the gym and get better…for our sanity it is important to live in the moment, we want to embrace all of our opportunities,” said Merriweather.

She has been stressing to her team to not take anything for granted after what everyone has been experiencing from coronavirus.

“Now everyone has to reflect on their effort and appreciate what we have, I choose to focus on what we can control here and be grateful for it,” said Merriweather.

The WSU basketball teams are extremely enthusiastic about the upcoming season, regardless of the unknown surrounding it.

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