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Bellbrook flooding causes damage

On March 20, Bellbrook experienced heavy rain and severe storms which caused heavy flooding.

A bridge on North Bellbrook Drive was washed completely away by the flooding. Several other areas of Greene County experienced flooding as well, according to a news story from WHIO.

Bellbrook’s emergency funds from the Ohio Public Works Commission are empty until the new fiscal year, which begins July 1.

The City of Bellbrook has had engineers inspect the destroyed area of the bridge and meetings have been scheduled to plan the repair, according to a news story from WHIO.

The city of Bellbrook is a floodplain, meaning flooding can be common in the area. The city of Bellbrook provides a flood insurance rate maps and flood risks maps. The city of Bellbrook also provides tips and information on how to be prepared in the event of a flood, according to the city of Bellbrook’s website.

Bellbrook Fire Department do not usually respond in the case of flooding. If people are in dangerous situations the fire department occasionally responds, if necessary. Bellbrook Service Department is usually in charge of responding to these situations.

Natural disasters such as flooding depend on several different departments working together to manage the situation. There is no typical protocol as every situation is different and needs to be handled individually as necessary, according to Karen Hawkins, Public Works director for the City of Fairborn.

Any area with a creek or body of water has the possibility of experiencing flooding. Fairborn mostly sees minor backyard flooding, according to Hawkins.

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