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Best Local Restaurants to Try Around WSU

Local restaurants to try

Local restaurants to try | Marion’s Pizza | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

There are several local restaurants to choose from and enjoy around the Beavercreek and Fairborn areas, yet finding them can be difficult. Listed below are some of the best local places around.


This restaurant, local to Fairborn, sits right next to USBank on Main Street and is home to Greek-style food. Their gyros are some of the best and after the main course, they have some authentic baklava and a small ice cream parlor.

Tickets even has a small bar where everyone can enjoy some drinks while watching the next game. They are only open for dinner hours during this time. 

They can be found here

Lefty’s Café

Lefty’s is a small cafe/bistro type of restaurant right across the street from USBank on Main Street in Fairborn. They not only have coffee and some baked goods, but they have sandwiches, soup and salads and pasta that can be chosen from amongst their menu.

They are available with Doordash and ordering online through their website if time to visit is not on the calendar.

Cherry House

Cherry House is a little cafe with not only a large menu to choose from, but a large number of baked goods to devour. They are famous for pies, cookies and pastries.

Their location is next to Papa John’s pizza and just a walk away from Beavercreek Kroger. To find them and their menu, click here

Beavercreek Pizza Dive

For good pizza and large cookies for dessert, this pizza dive is a great option. They also have a gluten-less option for those that cannot have gluten in their diets.

Right now they are only a pick-up and delivery pizza place and online ordering is available here

Marion’s Pizza

Local to the Dayton area, Marion’s pizza has some of the best thin crust around and can be found at nine different locations. They not only have pizza, but they have sandwiches and pasta to choose from too.

To find their menu, locations and enjoy some amazing thin-crust pizza, click here.