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Book review: Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance

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Ruth Emmie Lang’s novel, “Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance”, takes readers on a journey that follows Weylyn Grey.

Weylyn’s parents were killed when he was little, and he was taken in by a pack of wolves. His story is told by those that interacted with him throughout his life.

Weylyn never does anything to be extraordinary, but it always finds him. His childhood dream was to be a man with a job while children in his class wanted to be astronauts and wizards.

The thing is, Weylyn has an interesting connection to the weather and nature. If he is upset, it rains. If he is happy, rainbows appear. However, much like any other person, Weylyn can have big emotions which lead to big problems.

He goes through his life finding one niche after another, all in search of a balance between his feral upbringing and the civilization that he yearns to fit into.

Throughout his life, Weylyn meets new and interesting people that he, in some way or another, is able to help without even realizing it.

When he was still living with his wolf pack, Weylyn met Mary. They find an understanding between them that they spend the rest of their lives trying to experience again. It is a tale of lost selves and lost love.

However, the things we deem lost are usually the exact pieces of our lives that find their way back in the end.

About the author

The novel was published on December 4, 2018 and is the first novel that Ruth Emmie Lang has had published.

Her mix of the modern with the magical is a perfect balance that captivates readers and sparks the imagination. It is not hard for characters to appreciate the magic of everyday life after they meet Weylyn Grey, likewise with the readers.

This novel is available everywhere books are sold and is available at various libraries as well.

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