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Breaking: National Anti-Abortion Group Plans Protest at WSU Tuesday

Created Equal on campus in 2017 | Photo by Lucas Gonzalez | The Wright State Guardian

A national anti-abortion group plans to protest on Wright State University’s (WSU) Dayton Campus Tuesday. 

The anti-abortion group

The group planning the protest is called “Created Equal.” It is a national anti-abortion group that focuses specifically on college-aged students by traveling to different campuses in hopes to spark “debate,” according to a press release. 

When will the group be on campus?

The anti-abortion group will be on campus Tuesday, Oct. 12, from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. It is currently unknown where the group will be set up on campus.

What to expect 

According to the press release, Created Equal plans to show “large signs depicting the gruesome reality of abortion” to raise awareness of its beliefs. 

WSU students should expect members of Created Equal to be present on campus and/or approach students in an attempt to spark conversation. 

The group attempts to create debates on campus to influence younger generations about the issue of abortion. 

“College students deserve to see the victims of this injustice and to know the science and reasoning behind defending the preborn. This is critical, as this age group is committing more abortions than any other age,” president and founder of Created Equal Mark Harrington said. 

In previous years, Created Equal set up a jumbotron-style sign near the Quad to display its message.

WSU’s precautions

The Wright State Guardian has reached out to the university for a statement and is awaiting a response.

Created Equal has previously visited WSU’s campus numerous times, including 2017 and 2018, sparking debate over campus free speech and the university’s response.

The event prompted the university to refine its Demonstrations and Marches policy, requiring demonstrators to notify the Office of the Dean of Students 24 hours before a planned demonstration.

The policy prohibits the use of signs attached to sticks, posts, rods or poles.

Individuals or groups utilizing tables, platforms or displays must also reserve space on campus for their use, according to the policy.

WSU director of communications Seth Bauguess previously told The Guardian that “the university would notify campus about any demonstration involving non-university affiliated speakers.”

WSU has not informed the community about Created Equal returning to campus Tuesday as of the time of publication.

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