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BREAKING: Williams–York win SGA Election

Williams-York Win SGA Election

Editor’s Note: This story is developing and we will update as more information is available.

The results of the 2020-2021 Student Government Association (SGA) election are in. While some positions are to be announced, the results were sent in a campus-wide communication email Friday afternoon.

President: Darnell K. “Adrian” Williams

Vice President: Joseph York

Residential Senator: Jonathan Ciero

Commuter Senator: Sabrina D’Alesandro

Liberal Arts Senator: Victoria Solomon

Engineering Senator: Gullzada Anwari

Science and Mathematics Senator: Zayneb Moumkine

The Business, Education and Nursing Senators are all pending as this time.

The SGA election results were delayed due to violation appeals. SGA has not disclosed what violations were made, who appealed the violations or how they affected the results of the election.

“I’d just like to say how appreciative I am in our student body for their support and express what an honor it is to be elected,” said Williams. “Serving in SGA the past 3 years has been a highlight of my college career and I can’t wait to continue the work we’ve started for another year. I’m excited to work with my diverse team and encourage anyone interested in SGA to apply to the positions that will be made available in the coming days. I also encourage everyone to stay safe, wear their masks, and take the virus seriously! I can’t wait to work with everyone on campus and advocate on behalf of our amazing student body. Thank you Wright State!”