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Breaking: WSU Announces New Bookstore Provider, Focuses on e-Books and Online Services

Book Store at Wright State

Book Store | Photo by Diana Jaber | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University’s campus bookstore will no longer offer conventional print book options beginning fall semester 2022. The new provider, eCampus, will focus on e-books and online services.

The new contract

During the April 29 Board of Trustees Finance, Audit, Governance and Compliance committee meeting, it was announced that the university was changing bookstore providers from Barnes and Noble to an e-book-based company called eCampus.

According to Greg Sample, WSU’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, the university’s contract with Barnes and Noble began in 1991 with a focus on paper books.

“This has been a business relationship that has been wonderful at times and horrible at times,” Sample said during the meeting. 

Sample went on to explain that there is a decline in demand for paper books and an increase in demand for more virtual options. eCampus focuses on e-books and online services. Under this new contract, the bookstore will continue selling spirit merchandise but no longer offer physical books in the same way as Barnes & Noble.

“We can appreciate that we don’t need physical storage for books anymore,” Sample said.

According to Seth Bauguess, director of communications, the new eCampus bookstore will still have select in-person book buying options.

At the time of publication, it is not clear how many books will be offered in person.

Other regional colleges and universities including Sinclair College and Miami University use eCampus’ services. 

The nine million dollar contract with the company begins on July 1, 2022, and will be up for renewal in June 2027, according to the contract. 

In addition to the contract change, the university is in the process of moving the physical location of the Dayton campus bookstore. The new bookstore will be located at 190 Student Union, the prior location of the University Center for International Education.

According to Sample, the current bookstore space will become an event and programming space. All changes are set to be complete by the fall semester. 

Jamie Naylor