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Breaking: WSU Announces Workforce Reductions

Wright State University Student Union | Photo by Marissa Couch | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University Student Union | Photo by Marissa Couch | The Wright State Guardian

On Nov 12, Wright State University (WSU) announced upcoming faculty cuts and program merges to comply with declining enrollment rates. 

Faculty Cuts

As stated in the current WSU collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the University is allowed to make workforce reductions in order to match enrollment declines occurring over four semesters. 

“This fall, the university reported to the Ohio Department of Higher Education an enrollment of just over 12,000,” said the University Communications Department. “The university’s overall enrollment has declined by more than 30% over the last five years.”

Faculty who are impacted by workforce reductions will be provided up to 18-months notice along with displacement support from the University. 

At this time, Lake Campus will not be impacted by workforce reductions or upcoming program cuts. Students currently enrolled at the WSU Main Campus will also not be impacted by upcoming program changes. 

Program Merges

WSU also announced a number of upcoming academic program merges that will follow these workforce reductions at a later date, which include the following: 

1) Combining the College of Nursing and Health, the College of Education and Human Services, and the School of Professional Psychology into one college. 

2) Condensing most units of the College of Science and Mathematics and the College of Computer Science and Engineering into one STEM college. 

3) Reorganizing the College of Liberal Arts & continuing to reassess the Raj Soin College of Business departments. 

“This is not the avenue that anyone necessarily would want to go down, but I think it’s the only avenue that we have in the face of declining enrollment numbers,” said President Sue Edwards. “This is just the first step in a multi-step process that will take a lot to get through”. 

Kaitlyn Chrosniak

News Reporter

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