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Breaking: WSU Physicians Suspends Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Due to FDA and CDC Concerns

Johnson and Johnson Vaccine | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State Physicians suspended the distribution of the Johnson and Johnson coronavirus vaccine due to concerns from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


The one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine paused distribution due to recommendations by the CDC in alliance with the FDA. Concerns over blood clotting as a symptom of the vaccine caused this disruption. According to the CDC, six cases of this symptom occurred nationally.

The CDC will meet with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) on April 14 to review these incidents and the vaccine.

Wright State 

Following these recommendations, Wright State Physicians suspended the Johnson and Johnson vaccines’ distribution to students and staff.  Wright State Physicians still offers the dual shot Moderna coronavirus Vaccine; adult students wishing to receive this vaccine through this office can make online appointments. 

Once the CDC clears the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, Wright State Physicians plans on reoffering it, with availability going to those first on the waitlist.

Those not wishing to use Wright State University’s (WSU) services may seek the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine at local pharmacies, health departments or other designated distribution centers. 

Student opinions

This announcement caused great concern both nationally and at WSU. Students who made appointments to receive the vaccine moved to the waitlist, with some considering other vaccine options. 

Students already receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine reported normal CDC-tracked symptoms. 

“It makes me a little concerned since I got the [Johnson and Johnson] vaccine, but, besides feeling exhausted and drained the day after I got it, I feel perfectly fine,” wrote WSU senior Nora Fullenkamp. 

Those with concerns about the vaccines or appointments may contact Wright State Physicians or use the CDC information guides located on their website.

Jamie Naylor

News Reporter