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Breaking: WSU to Offer Vaccine Incentives to Students

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Vaccine incentives | Graphic by Grace Merkle | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University (WSU) is now offering prizes to students as an incentive to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Vaccination Sweepstakes

Wright State Communications sent an email to students and faculty late Thursday morning stating students can enter into a sweepstake if they upload an image of their COVID-19 vaccination. 

WSU also plans to open a COVID-19 vaccination and testing site at the Dayton Campus in hopes of encouraging more students to get vaccinated.

“Vaccination remains the most effective and important tool to fight the spread of COVID-19. Wright State continues to strongly encourage all eligible members of the Wright State community is to get vaccinated,” according to the email.   

The email states that this is the beginning of the Spring Semester’s expanded testing program and that there will be more details on the sweepstakes in the near future. 

Do Students Agree With This Incentive?

Some students believe that WSU’s sweepstakes is a good incentive to get more students vaccinated. Yvanne Quarles, a student at WSU, thinks that this is a good decision.

“Especially if you offer something decent to students,” Quarles said. 

Other students do not agree with this method of getting more students vaccinated. Lindsey Davidson, a sophomore, says that this should not be the only influence the university uses for vaccinations. 

“If you get vaccinated, you could get a chance of getting a prize but it’s not guaranteed,” Davidson said. 

If students wish to enter into the sweepstakes, they will be able to through a third-party medical website starting next week according to WSU Communications.

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