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Campus Ministries: In Person Worship, Virtual to Come

Catholic campus Church | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | Edited by Kayli Thompson | The Wright State Guardian

After working through changes in staff and adjusting to new policies brought on by the coronavirus, the Catholic Campus Ministry has begun to provide opportunities for students to worship on Wright State University’s (WSU) campus. 

Meet the Staff 

After Fr. Ethan Moore’s final mass on June 27th, Fr. Tim Fahey took over leading the church and providing students with a welcoming environment to worship in.  

“I know college campus ministry had a big impact in my life when I was in college,” said Fr Tim Fahey. “It was really there that I started thinking about the priesthood. It was really there that I really came to know Jesus Christ…so hopefully it goes well, but I’m pretty happy to be here.”  

Nic Kovatch is a campus minister going into his fourth year at the Catholic Campus Ministry after spending several years down in Cincinnati. He actively works with the Catholic Initiation of Adults (CIA) to help adults on campus in their journey to Catholicism, as well as coordinate other student and church-led events.  

Denise Jasek, the coordinator of the ministry’s music, dedicates her time to configuring music programs for mass and other events within the church.  

“Please introduce yourself if you’d like to get involved in the ministry’s music,” said Jasek. “It brings me immense joy when we all are worshiping and singing together from the heart.” 

Plans for Fall 2020 

In person mass is offered daily at the Campus Catholic Ministry. Opportunities for confession and exposition are provided most days of the week as well. Social distancing and mask wearing will be enforced on church property.  

Although church services are currently not available online, there is a plan in the works to try and livestream services in the coming weeks.  

“So, we actually had a donor pay for a live streaming system,” said Fr. Tim Fahey. “Now, as you can probably imagine, when you install stuff like that, there’s a good chance there’s going to be bugs and everything like that so I would hope for mid-September. At that time, we’ll most likely be able to have our masses live streamed online and then available just as recordings.”  

The Catholic Campus Ministry is also working to provide other events for members of the church to be able to spend time with one another and grow the community. Although the acre of land the church sits on is considered to be off campus, they are still adhering to Centers for Disease Control guidelines with the rest of the university.  

Events offered in upcoming weeks include socially distant bonfires and tye dye events, with other events to be named at a later date.   

For more information on mass, confession, and exposition offerings, go to the Campus Catholic Ministry Website: