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Campus Moves Leave Student Organizations Without Dedicated Office Spaces

Home of Esports | Photo by Bethany Althauser | The Wright State Guardian

The Student Union got a makeover this year, and with the makeover came many new additions as well as a few displaced organizations. 

Student organization struggles 

Many of the changes in the Student Union seem universally loved, such as the new bookstore and the removal of the statue in the Atrium, but others are more complicated. Several student organizations, including the University Activities Board and Fraternity and Sorority Council, have been left without a permanent space to call their own.

Lexi Ricker, President of UAB, discussed how not having a space dedicated to their organization has proven problematic. 

“It is hard to know what materials we have,” Ricker said. 

She went on to explain how the UAB members have adapted to their new situation; however, it is clear that UAB does its best work when they have somewhere to call theirs. 

“When there is a designated space, the executive board can meet more often,” Ricker said.

She described the situation as frustrating and difficult but ultimately manageable for the time being.

Donnell Smith, FSC president, said that not having a dedicated location will not heavily impact the work that FSC does, but having an office space would be beneficial and convenient. 

“The leaders of FSC are open to having a discussion with administrators about getting a space,” Smith said. “We are a heavily involved community at WSU, and I do believe we have earned a Greek Life space on campus.”

Motivation behind the changes

Eric Corbitt, director of the Student Union and Campus Recreation, explained that he and his team approach decision-making about the union changes based on student needs. 

“The union is a space for students, and we want student-facing services to be at the forefront in the union. The union is also the front door to campus, so we want it to be attractive to visitors and exciting to potential new students and families,” Corbitt said. 

When asked if student organizations like UAB and FSC, among other coordinating organizations, will regain a dedicated space in the Student Union, Corbitt said that he and his team are still evaluating that.

Corbitt explained that the goal of the new layout of the Student Involvement and Leadership Center was to encourage community and collaboration. 

“When we redesigned the student organization space, we really focused on an open concept,” Corbitt said.  

While it is frustrating for these organizations to not have dedicated spaces right now, there is hope for them to regain this. These organizations are flexible and capable, and until a permanent solution is found, they will continue to do their work and adapt to their new circumstances. 

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