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Campus Orgs. Host De-stress Event Ahead of Finals

Dunbar Library | Photo by Qusai Takuri | The Wright State Guardian

As part of a week-long series of de-stressing activities before finals, the Dunbar Library collaborated with the University Activities Board to host a coloring and bracelet-making event on Tuesday, Nov. 29.


According to Student Success Librarian and Organizer Heather Back, the de-stressing events originally only consisted of meeting the puppies from 4Paws, an organization on campus that organizes the care and training of up-and-coming service dogs.

“In 2019, prior to my hire, the De-stress for Success was only [4Paws] fuzz therapy,” Back said. “And once I arrived, I wanted to expand it.”

This expansion now includes the following throughout the week: Fuzz Therapy with the Raider Pups (4Paws), Coloring and Jewelry, Galaxy Slime, Game Night, Yoga and Meditation.

During the Coloring and Jewelry event, Back partnered with UAB to make the event a success.

“[UAB] thought we should do one last event to de-stress and calm down,” events director for UAB Ashonti Nixon said.

Previously, UAB had assisted in putting together a “lip scrub making event” for de-stress week.

Nixon provided coloring materials, coloring pages and bracelet making materials. The director also instructed on how to make these bracelets.


The expansion of De-stress Week has seen dozens of students attending the most popular events of Fuzz Therapy with Raider Pups and button-making, according to Back.

Student Heidi Raber attended the Coloring and Jewelry event. 

“It was really nice and easy-going just to come up whenever you wanted to. The host was so welcoming, and there were so many different activities to do. I had a lot of fun coloring,” Raber said.

For more details on Destress Week events, visit the Dunbar Library’s Instagram page @dunbarlibrary or the UAB Engage page

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