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Career Services: Success Stories and Available Resources

Career Services Success Stories

Career Services Success Stories | Photo by Kelsie Tomlinson | The Wright State Guardian

Resources and support come together at career services where students and alumni both join to bolster their career success.

Services provided

Whether a fledgling to a new career or an experienced alumni, there are services available to everyone regardless of status or experience. 

One such service is interview practice where students can practice for the following types of interviews; in-person, virtual, panel, digital and more. 

If a student needs help with salary negotiation or career transition, they can set up an appointment with career services for that as well. Events for professional networking opportunities, however, are least likely to be taken up by students.

“What we try to do is hold information sessions or recruiting sessions or career fairs. We bring employers on campus to conduct workshops and all types of things. We try to bring the business community to campus. And I think the students don’t take enough advantage of that,” Lance Culey, Associate Director of Career Services, said. 

Hundreds of these networking events take place every year.

The most common request across the board is for assistance with resumes for either internships or future careers.

Resumes and internships

One such student is Chynna Spitler, a senior physics major who visited Career Services to create a strong C.V. (Curriculum Vitae) for an upcoming internship. Spitler originally started out as an engineering student but transitioned to physics.

Spitler worked with a career consultant for the College of Science and Math to compose a resume, C.V. and personal statements. This preparation earned Spitler an R.E.U. (Research Experience for Undergraduates) at the University of Michigan funded by the National Science Foundation. After this, Spitler was assisted to finalize their graduate school applications.

“They’re very flexible and understanding and working with students, no matter at what point in your career, whether it’s grad school, R.E.U. or professional,” Spitler said.

Students may also find themselves wanting to change majors or find their passion as Spitler did.

Finding yourself

Madison Knab is a senior English major with a concentration in technical and professional writing and was originally an anthropology major. In 2019, Knab approached career services to find out more about what they really wanted for a career.

“So helping students with their work really inspired me to change my major to something that I’m really good at,” Knab said.

With further planning, Knab is now going to pursue a master’s in library and information science. No matter major or year in school, career services can help students find out what they are truly passionate about.

Students may schedule an appointment with career services on RAPS, which can be accessed through WINGS or email the career consultants for their preferred colleges. Be on the lookout for professional networking events posted on Handshake website or the career services website.