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Best entrées at restaurants / Pexel

Best entrées at restaurants

Whether you have been to a certain restaurant several hundred times or you are trying a new one, it is important to know ahead of time what they offer and what is of interest to you. It isn’t fun when you finally pick a place to eat only to find out that there isn’t anything […]

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Book Review: Mindhunter

The true crime genre is all the rage right now, from podcasts to tv. However, most of the attention is trained on the killers that commit the crimes.

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Netflix Review: Triple Frontier / Photograph creative commons

Netflix Review: Triple Frontier

Released this month on Netflix, “Triple Frontier” is a 2019 action-heist thriller film about five men preparing to track down a drug lord and kill him.

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What it means to be vegan

The concept of being vegetarian, maintaining a diet that does not include meat, is fairly well known today. A similar, but less known, diet is known as being vegan. Following a vegan diet and lifestyle is different than a vegetarian one because being vegan goes beyond just avoiding meat. Vegans do not consume or use […]

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Letter to the Editor: WSU Right to Strike

By Matt Raska The impending strike of Wright State professors brings to mind the typical process for prospective visiting students: some trivia, an outline of fun activities, a tour around campus. In the past few years, Wright State has obtained several shiny new jewels: a Student Success Center, a neuroscience building, the Wright State physicians […]

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