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From the Front Lines: Stories from Essential Workers

From The Frontlines: Contact Tracers

Many students at WSU are serving as contact tracers during the coronavirus pandemic, working with local health departments.

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Essential Employee Spotlight: Dayton Foodbank

The unsung heroes of today’s society are those working to provide basic needs, things otherwise not thought about, to people who find themselves dealing with financial hardships during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Working in a hospital during coronavirus pandemic

Jason Rodriquez, a Wright State University (WSU) alumnus, now works for Kettering Health Network where he notices the effects of coronavirus.

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From the frontlines: Police Departments

With the situation that the world is in, it is important to have and appreciate essential employees who keep things going. One of the many essential workers that are put to the task are police officers.

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From the frontlines: Physicians, medical workers adapting to changes

Healthcare workers are vital to treating those inflicted with the coronavirus. They are fighting on the frontlines to flatten the curve and are risking their health and their family’s health every day to help those in need.

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