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Guardian Gallery: Men’s Basketball Game

On March 2, Staff Photographer Bethany Althauser captured the last game of the season for the Wright State University men’s basketball team.

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Guardian Gallery: Study Abroad Fair

On Tuesday, March 5, the University Center for International Education hosted a Study Abroad Day, during which the center provided insight into both short-term and long-term study abroad opportunities for the students of Wright State University. 

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Guardian Gallery: Puppy Kissing Booth

Feb. 12 and 13 featured kisses and attention from the Raider Pups dogs at their yearly puppy kissing booth, bringing attention to what exactly Raider Pups does as well as their partner organization, 4 Paws for Ability.

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Guardian Gallery: Women in Business

A women’s discussion panel at Rey Rey Cafe on Feb. 7 opened students’ eyes to how women are treated in the workplace, as well as how women can take control of their lives and thrive in their respective jobs.

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Guardian Gallery: Student Press Freedom Day

Throughout the year, our Photographers have taken behind-the-scenes photos of our staff in anticipation of Student Press Freedom Day. From campus corridors to organization meetings, these photos reflect the unwavering commitment of our student journalists to their communities.

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