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Guardian Gallery: Black Lives Matter protest

A closer look at the Black Lives Matter protest in Beavercreek, Ohio on June 1, 2020. Protesters gathered near the fairfield mall in Beavercreek.

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Guardian Gallery: Nature taking over humanity

As the pandemic keeps people inside, nature is flourishing outside without the human interference. Take a walk through the woods with this Guardian Gallery.

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Guardian Gallery: Graduation submissions

WSU students submitted photos of themselves in their cap and gown to celebrate graduation. A way to celebrate even without a ceremony.

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Guardian Gallery: The Oregon District

Take a look through the Oregon Distric in Downtown Dayton before all of the businesses open back up.

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Guardian Gallery: With God’s Grace, WSU food drive

In the crisis where everything seems to have been frozen to a standstill, this short trip truly made me appreciate the continuous hard work these fearless leaders are putting day in and day out to make sure that Daytonians don’t suffer.

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The Guardian Spot: Nature Walk

In this weeks episode of the Guardian Spot, take a walk through a park with our videographer, Shelby Prenger!

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Spring is Here | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

Guardian Gallery: Spring is here

New flowers and plants start blooming and temperatures start rising as a sign of Spring.

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The Guardian Spot: Mask making

In this weeks episode of the Guardian Spot, our team makes face masks to prevent coronavirus. The guidelines and diy tips can be found in our video but also on the Ohio Department of Health’s website.

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