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419 Alive: Rooster Joe Coffee & Co.

Rooster Joe Coffee & Co. is run by Joe and Michelle McClurg. The coffee shop was opened on January 15, 2020 in Coldwater, Ohio.

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Graphic by Roxanne Roessner

What will you do first after quarantine?

By using the hashtag #GQuarantine, Twitter users were able to respond to the prompt, “What will you do first after quarantine?”

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Local expecting mother home from hospital after coronavirus | Photo submitted by Sandy Jeffries

Laker Life: Local coronavirus victim delivers child, discharged from hospital

She did not call an ambulance because she did not want to startle her two-year-old daughter Reign. Not only was she an essential worker dealing with coronavirus, she was also pregnant.

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Laker Life: Essential workers and student life combined

College students sometimes find themselves struggling to balance school and work, but for essential workers during this time, it is even more difficult.

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WSU Student Retention Team | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Student retention team thrives online

WSU student retention team is still thriving and finding creative ways to help students despite the social distancing barrier.

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Organization Spotlight: Wright with Christ Club

In 2013 the organization Wright with Christ at Lake Campus. People from all denominations of Christianity can come together to read and discuss the word of God.

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Lake Campus | Photograph by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Club highlights at Lake Campus

The Lake Campus has a number of clubs and organizations that are open for students to join. Students are encouraged to participate within the campus.

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Lake Campus hallway | Photo by Shannon McCabe, edited by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

Lake Campus mental health services

The Lake Campus has several services from the Wellness Outreach Program each month, counseling and Safe Spaces to offer students.

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Lake Campus events Spring 2020

Hello, Lakers! We hope that this schedule for the upcoming Spring 2020 semester will inform you on what is going on at the Lake Campus.

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