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Politics and Social Media

How Does Social Media Impact Politics?

WSU professors and students explain how social media is much more complex with ramifications and benefits far-reaching.

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Zachary Turner Village Apartments

WSU Student Accused of Sexual Assault Pleads Not Guilty by Way of Insanity

Former WSU student Zachary Turner, 28, has pled not guilty by way of insanity to at least two cases of sexual assault charged against him.

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WSU Annual Report Highlights Dwindling Crime Rates on Campus

The WSU Annual Fire Safety Report was issued on Dec. 22, 2020 and highlighted dwindling crime rates on the university’s Dayton campus.

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Science Lab | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

WSU Students Begin Receiving Covid Vaccine: Here’s Why

As the coronavirus vaccines become available to at-risk individuals, students at WSU decide whether or not to become vaccinated.

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Wright State Physicians | Photo by Daniel Delgado | Edited by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Random COVID Testing To Continue Spring Semester

Wright State University (WSU) has begun random coronavirus testing on students residing on campus this semester.

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Campus Housing Safety at WSU: What You Need to Know

Ensuring the safety and well being of students residing in campus housing has proven to be a primary concern for WSU.

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Coronavirus Updates

WSU Coronavirus Updates

As WSU and Environmental Health and Safety Department continue to keep track of coronavirus cases, we will keep the community updated here.

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Student First Fund Grant and Past Projects

WSU’s Student First Fund Grant splits $50,000 amongst multiple students seeking to pursue an innovative project that benefits fellow Raiders.

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Breaking: WSU Establishing New Dept. of Public Safety to Consolidate Services

WSU’s police force is currently working towards consolidating many of its stand-alone units under a Department of Public Safety umbrella.

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Wright State campus after first snowfall of the season | Photograph by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

Hybrid Classes to Move Online for Two Weeks; At-Home Testing Advised

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, Interim Provost Douglas Leaman released a statement via email stating the coronavirus protocol that Wright State University will continue during the upcoming spring semester.

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