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Opinion: Can a crowd really affect how athletes play?

In the world of sports, it’s widely accepted that a crowd can at least have some kind of effect on how a game will go. From getting in the heads of opposing players to helping shift the pace of a game, a crowd is more than just a group of people watching players from a distance.

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Photo by Soham Parikh | Wright State Guardian

Top 10 assigned reads that are worth the time

With winter break right around the corner and the cold weather approaching, it’s easy to want to stay indoors. Curl up on the couch with your favorite fuzzy blanket and grab one of these classic but underrated books:

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Sports: Men's Basketball vs. Milwaukee

Noah’s Picks: Standout Teams of the Horizon League

With the conference schedule well underway for Horizon League basketball, several teams and players have already started to emerge as the best of the best in the Horizon League.

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Why you should still have Tumblr

Opinion: Why You Should Still Use Tumblr

The dark horse of social media, Tumblr, is still going strong and is the only platform not constantly taking advantage of you to make a dollar; its primary focus is still just providing a service.

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Opinions: Climate Change Issues and the Solution

Among the plethora of problems facing the world today, climate change is among the most ominous. This can be solved by cooperation among many.

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