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Opinion: Coffee Orders for Each Taylor Swift Album

Coffee and Taylor Swift there is no better combo. If you are ever looking for the perfect drink to match your musical or personal mood, here is a place to start with the 2019 American Music Awards Artist of the Decade.

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Opinion: Top 5 Awesomely Bad Movies

Bad movies often become fun moments that become ingrained in pop culture. This could be because it is a movie filled with unintentional comedy, or maybe it is filled with over-the-top action sequences and painfully awkward dialogue. Here is a list of five movies that are so good at being bad.

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Predictions for the 2022-23 NBA Season

Basketball on behalf of the National Basketball Association is back, which seems like the perfect opportunity to give some predictions for the season ahead.

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Creepiest Restrooms on Campus

Wright State University has some restrooms with rather creepy interior design plans, outdated at the very least. Here is a list of the creepiest restrooms on campus.

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Fall Guide: What to Watch this Season

What to watch this fall | Photo by Monica Brutto | The Wright State Guardian Snuggle up for a television and movie marathon with these fall-themed choices that will send chills down your spine then warm you right back up.  Television Stranger Things In this eerie 1980s storyline, a group of kids in Hawkins, Ind. […]

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