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Opinion: Have you ever heard of pickle showers?

What is a pickle shower? I asked this question to several people in my hometown of Coldwater this past week and received mostly the same response.

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Black lives matter: A burning house

My name is Roxanne Roessner. I am a 20-year-old white cis female who attended the Black Lives Matter Protest in Celina, Ohio, home of the Lake Campus.

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Graphic by Roxanne Roessner

What will you do first after quarantine?

By using the hashtag #GQuarantine, Twitter users were able to respond to the prompt, “What will you do first after quarantine?”

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The Wright State Guardian

Music Review: “Manic” by Halsey

This album dropped on Jan. 17 and is an intriguing look into Halsey’s life, offering up her stories of heartache and struggle with bipolar disorder.

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Album Review: “Circles”

The sixth studio album “Circles,” created by the late hip-hop artist Mac Miller, was released on Jan. 17.

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