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Passion vs. Pressure

“Gifted Kid Burnout” and Barriers to Success

Being smart was not just a part of Michaela Banville’s identity. It was her identity.

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Book Club Finds New Leadership, Lays Burden on Students

Junior Alexis Hagerman never thought her love for books would lead to the stress of being leader of Wright State University’s English club.

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New Successes Bring New Stresses Among Local Musicians

Musical artists Justin Venrick, 23, and Tech Honors, 36, while being in completely different spots in their career, still find common anxieties about stability in the music world.

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Local Media Professionals Struggle to Survive Instead of Thrive

Kevin Washington has a deep-rooted love for radio but believes COVID is getting in the way of his potential.

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Educators Pursue Their Passions Despite Pressures From a Broken System

Karissa Patrick splits her time between lecture halls and elementary school halls, all while risking the health and safety of herself and her loved ones.

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