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Organization spotlight: Lupi

Many colleges have secret societies; one of those colleges happens to be Wright State University.

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Photo by Alexis Wisler | The Wright State Guardian

The ghosts of the brothers

“Legend has it that the Wright Brothers haunt campus and they can be heard walking down the hallways and knocking on doors in the dorms. Nobody knows why but they don’t sound happy.”

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Woodland Cemetery | Photo by Natalie Cunningham | The Wright State Guardian

Dayton’s Not Dead: Woodland Cemetery

This week’s ‘Dayton’s Not Dead’ feature might be on the side of a little dead. Woodland Cemetery was founded in 1841 but the first burial wasn’t until two years later in 1843.

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The G’s team Halloween traditions

Halloween is a team favorite in The Wright State Guardian office, and when fall rolls around, things get spooky.

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Outdoor Recreation Center | Photo by Shaddia Qasem | The Wright State Guardian

Monster Wall Crawl for all

The Monster Wall Crawl is a costume party inside the climbing wall in the Student Union. It is a costume party, so looking festive is encouraged.

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Scary Review: “Halloween” (1978)

The 1978 classic horror flick directed by John Carpenter has become a staple of spooky season. In the film, audiences are introduced to the creepiest slasher in the void of horror movie slashers.

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The spooky history of Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween, a company that sells Halloween decor and costumes, has a strange and interesting history.

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Conspiracy Theories | Photo by Alexis Wisler | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State Conspiracy Theories

With this spooky Halloween season almost coming to an end, it’s time to dive into the realm of conspiracy theories regarding Wright State University.

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Laker Life: Frightful Attractions near Lake Campus

Spooky season is upon the Wright State Lake Campus! The leaves are changing colors, the apple tree on campus is ripe and the walk from the parking lot seems longer and colder.

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Photo by Natalie Allen | The Wright State Guardian

Fans of fear: Why we love being scared

While some people may opt to carve pumpkins and go trick-or-treating, others seek out frightening experiences and enjoy getting scared.

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