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ANAS Meeting

Native American Heritage Month: Sharing Tribe Creation Stories

On Nov. 16, three WSU members of Association of Native American Students (ANAS) held a panel discussing the creation stories of their tribes.

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Events on Campus Week of Nov. 29

Events for the week of Nov. 29 include Spanish Conversation Hour, Fencing Club Bake Sale and Women’s Basketball.

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Graphic of 5 ways to work out in your room

Three Ways to Workout Without Leaving Home

Exercise is scientifically proven to improve mental health, but with the winter weather setting in it can be difficult to get to the gym.

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Four Simple Crockpot Recipes to Save Time

This time of the year can be busy, leaving little time for dinner. With these four simple crockpot recipes, anybody can have them ready to go in no time.

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Board games

Group Games For Holiday Get-Togethers

With the holidays approaching and group gatherings back in trend, board games and card games are a great way to spend time with loved ones. Here are just a few highly regarded games to get the fun started this holiday season.

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