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Dayton Infrastructure: How Safe Are Our Bridges?

The recent collapse of the Baltimore Bridge has raised several concerns for Ohioans regarding the safety of bridges in the area. How well is the Dayton area ensuring the safety of local infrastructure?

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A Festival of Colors: Indian Student Association Celebrates Holi 2024

Friday, April 12, marked Holi 2024 at Wright State University with students from across campus partaking in colored powder throwing, food and more to celebrate the beginning of spring.

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Sinclair Community College to Close Two Locations in the Dayton Area

Sinclair Community College is set to close two of its six learning centers in May. The Huber Heights and Englewood locations that were once important parts of their communities are now closing due to attendance issues. 

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Wright State’s Model UN Team Reflects on Win, Looks Forward to Next Year

Wright State University’s Model United Nations team won high honors in their competition in New York. Current members are excited to see what the future holds for the team moving forward.

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Millett’s Malfunctions & Why the Fire Alarms Kept Ringing

Millett Hall experienced a problem with the fire alarms that resulted in them going off during the day repetitively, causing frustrations and questions on the part of students and staff. 

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