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Life as a College Student Now: A Lot Has Changed

College students today are dealing with a different reality than college students of the past lived through.

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Galen Spiegler

WSU Alum Advocating for Disability Awareness

Galen Spiegler, an alum of WSU, has spent his time after college advocating for disability, and recently wrote a book.

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Laker Life: Words of Encouragement Approaching One Year of Lockdown

As we approach the one year anniversary of the initial lockdown and online learning, words of encouragement are here to keep us going.

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Student Government Association Meeting Notes

SGA: Passed Resolution and Project Updates

The Student Government Association (SGA) met on Jan. 19 and discussed a new resolution along with planned events for the spring semester.

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Stimulus Checks: Questions and Student Opinions

People received the first stimulus check in April of 2020 and the second in Dec. 2020., but some people were excluded.

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Christine Moser making over 500 cloth face masks | Photo submitted by Christine Moser

The Fashion of Face Masks

Face masks have evolved to better fit into everyday life through logical upgrades to creating statement pieces.

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Easy to Make Winter Sweet Treats

The following dessert recipes are easy-to-make sweet treats that will have any winter fanatic ecstatic for the cold months to come.

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Movie Review | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Five Must Watch Movies Coming Out in 2021

Movie theaters will be working to release their newest movies. Here is a list of five movies that will be out in theaters this year.

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Five Slow Cooker Winter Recipes

Utilizing cooking tools like the slow cooker allow for decadent meals with savory leftovers and little cleanup involved.

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Best Plants for Dorm Rooms | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Five Ways to Redecorate Your Room on a Budget

Redecorating your room doesn’t need to break the bank. Here are five ways to change up your room on a budget.

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