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Food trucks at Festival of Flight

Summer fun returns with Ohio festivals

As summer returns so do festivals. Celebrating everything from fruits and vegetables to cultural events, here are some of Ohio’s top festivals for 2022.

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Rowdy Raider | Photograph by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

The rise of Rowdy

Wright State University’s mascot, Rowdy Raider, the familiar gray wolf, hasn’t always been the fierce figure he is today.

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Five Easy Ways to Live More Environmentally Conscious

It can be difficult for busy and broke college students to be conscious about living zero waste, but these easy and affordable swaps make it possible to live more environmentally conscious.

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Places in Ohio to go Winter Hiking

Three Places to go Summer Hiking in Ohio

Ohio is home to beautiful parks, hiking trails and nature scenes that are accessible in all seasons. Here are some great places to enjoy this beauty during the summer months.

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Around the world in 5 books

Take a Trip Around the World With These Five Books

Reading is a great way to become exposed to different cultures and broaden one’s knowledge of others. Below are five books that take place around the world and explore different cultures.

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