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Club Football Finishes its First Winning Season in 8 Years

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Football Club | Wright State University

With an overall record of 5-3 in the regular season, Wright State University (WSU) Club Football has finished its first winning season in eight years.

Their record earned them a ticket to Columbus, Ohio to play in the conference championship against Ohio State.

While the Raiders were not able to win, their successful season with only 19 players on their roster points to a bright future for the club program.

The Big Three

While the WSU defense was solid all year, the team’s offensive success helped them to blowout big teams like Michigan State 37-8 and Toledo 34-10.

With 19 players on the roster, most of their players ended up on the field for both offense and defense, but Aaron Frost II, Noah Snyder and Destin McCartney were the biggest offensive stars on the roster.

Frost averaged 542 yards with 8.21 yards per carry as a running back, all while also playing defensive back for the Raiders, forcing him to use his excellent speed on both sides of the ball.

Snyder was the quarterback for the Raiders for the vast majority of the season, passing 702 yards for 8.16 yards per attempt. Finally, Destin McCartney was Snyder’s favorite target, totaling 531 receiving yards on 20.42 yards per reception.

With these three players and with other options behind them like Kevon Burnett and Cody Smith, the Raiders were able to play a rushing-focused game if need be, but also could look for a passing-focused game, or more balanced play throughout the season.

Don’t doubt the defense

Even with their 19 player roster, the defense of the Raiders would often shut down much larger rosters. Opposing teams scored 10 points or under in five of their eight regular-season games.

eight of their 19 players had 10 or more solo tackles during the season, led by Nolan J. Jackson with 22.

In assisted tackles, 10 players had 20 or more, with every defensive player on the roster chipping in to do their part. 

In interceptions, Snyder was strong on this side of play as well, totaling six picks through nine games for the Raiders.

While the Raiders were not able to take home a conference championship this season, their success this year compared to previous years especially with their smaller roster shows the effort every player has put in.

Noah Kindig

Sports Reporter