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Club Spotlight: Analytics Club

Analytical Club | The Wright State Guardian

The Analytics Club is a new student organization working to unlock the power of data in business and society. The club spreads knowledge regarding data-driven insights and decision-making, improved marketing and skilled growth. 


The idea of forming the Analytics Club started in the early spring of 2023, as the members’ main goal was to make something effective in the field of analytics and bring real-life experiences, skills and training to fellow students of Wright State University. 

In November 2023, the club officially started with many talented and passionate members on their board who are eagerly working to make some changes by doing activities in the field of analytics. 

“We are planning to connect the students with real-life experiences and bring more job opportunities by creating an international job fair at WSU,” Analytics Club President Anik Nawaz said. 


The students will learn skills in the field of Data Analytics as well as marketing tools and tactics. The club will arrange corporate visits for students and engage guest speakers from various industries to inspire students to use information wisely and efficiently. 

“The club will endeavor to promote better understanding between students from countries across the world through the sharing of information and insights,” the advisor of the Analytics Club, Dr. Kendall Goodrich, said.

Reasons to join

Nawaz provided multiple benefits for students if they join the club.

“We are going to work to increase the skills of the students in the field of transforming data into actionable insights. We will create more collaboration to engage them with their peers so that it will be fun and also knowledgeable,” Nawaz said. “Students will be able to learn from the successful people in their respective fields and will be able to make connections with them as well.”

Annur Sifat, the treasurer of the Analytics Club, also weighed in on other such benefits.

“The club can positively impact the community by fostering data literacy, providing valuable skills and promoting collaboration,” Sifat said.

During the Analytics Club kickoff meeting this past December, the club hosted an esteemed panel of business and analytics professionals, including Dr. Darryl Ahner, dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Dr. John Dinsmore, professor of Marketing, Tahir Lone, a Data Scientist at Nielsen and an alumnus of the MSMAI program, and Sumesh Muvala, a category insights analyst at 7-Eleven. 

Their insights laid the groundwork for a series of engaging and educational events planned for the upcoming months.

Upcoming programs

The Analytics Club will arrange some exciting events in the upcoming days.

Feb. 1: A trip with all Analytics Club members, fostering camaraderie and networking.

Deb. 15: A collaborative workshop with the ISSCM Club.

Mar. 7: A seminar aimed at providing deeper insights into the field.

Mar. 21: A hands-on workshop to develop practical skills.

April: An International Career Fair (date dependent on WSU Career Services), offering a substantial networking opportunity for international students.

How to join

Interested students can join the Analytics Club by visiting the club’s page on Engage or by following their Instagram @analyticsclubwsu and Facebook: Analytical Club WSU.

The Analytics Club at WSU stands as a beacon of opportunity, guiding students through the ever-evolving world of data analytics.

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