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College Rep. and Dem. Speak Out About Election

Vote | Photo by Cottonbro |

Election Day this year is Nov. 3 and Wright State University (WSU) College Democrats and College Republicans want to make sure students stay informed and use their voice to vote.  

College Democrats  

For the Presidential debates, College Democrats will host virtual watch parties over zoom where watchers can hold discussions and share their thoughts.  

Although the watch parties are the only thing College Democrats has planned so far, they are working on several other events to host leading up to election day.  

As for local elections, the group wants to invite local candidates such as Kim McCarthy, running for state representative, to speak at their meetings. Nothing is confirmed as of now.  

College Republicans  

College Republicans will work with local and Presidential campaigns by assisting in door-to-door campaigning. The campaigns include the Trump Victory campaign and the Mike Turner, running for state representative re-election, campaign.  

“If they don’t answer [the door, we] leave them a little flyer, if they do [we] tell them when the elections are happening just make sure they get their voices heard and represent their interests,” said College Republicans Vice President Jarod Kiser.  

Depending on campus restrictions and the interest of other political groups on campus, the group wants to hold public forums and debates leading up to the election.  

Call to Action  

Both College Republicans and College Democrats stress the importance of voting.  

“It is very important to register to vote and to vote whatever way you can whether it’s early, absentee ballot, or in person,” said College Democrats President Hannah Weisgerber 

Along with voting, both groups want students to realize that the Presidential election isn’t the only election to be aware of.  

“Local elections are just as important as the Presidential elections,” said College Democrats Treasurer Erica Jones  

If students want to learn more about local elections, they can visit both the College Republicans and College Democrats Engage page and reach out for more information.  

“I do think a lot of young people need to become more aware of their political situation around them,” said Kiser  

Weisgerber also said that students who feel comfortable and are able to should volunteer at their local voting polls in November.