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Could WSU Basketball Compete In Multi Team Events This Year?

The Nutter Center | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | Edited by Kayli Thompson | The Wright State Guardian

The multi-team events that take place during college basketball have been considering a bubble location to host the teams. Due to concerns over the safety protocols, all of these events could be canceled. 

“ESPN Events set out to create a protected environment for teams to participate in early-season events in Orlando. Based on certain challenges surrounding testing protocols, we opted to resume these tournaments during the 2021-22 season,” according to a statement from ESPN. 

Each individual event can make their own decision on using a bubble to host the teams as long as they follow the protocols put forth by the NCAA to ensure the health of safety of the teams. 

“We are providing guidance for those types of events at this time,” said NCAA’s Associate Director of Communications Michelle Hosick. 

The NBA successfully executed using a bubble location for their playoffs and had zero positive tests for the coronavirus over the course of three months. 

Orlando bubble 

ESPN has already canceled eight of the marquee tournaments that were scheduled in Orlando due to schools having concerns about the testing protocols. 

There are numerous multi team events hosted by ESPN that are in jeopardy, but the events that are not hosted by ESPN are still on schedule to take place at a different location. 

Wright State University (WSU) was not set to compete in any of the tournaments that were canceled in Orlando. 

Will Wright State compete in any events? 

Each university can decide if they want to compete in one of these events, but the Division I Council changed the schedule so that teams can participate in only two multi-team events for the upcoming season. 

WSU is waiting on the Horizon League to make up their conference schedule, but the university decides who they play outside the conference, which includes any multi-team events. 

“At this point we have yet to announce any scheduling for this upcoming 2020-2021 season, including any potential Multi-team event (MTE) matchups,” said the Assistant Athletic Director of Communications Nick Phillips. 

There is speculation that WSU will compete in a multi-team event hosted by Illinois consisting of a total of four teams, but Phillips declined to confirm this.