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Creepiest Restrooms on Campus

Scariest Bathrooms | Photo by Kelsie Tomlinson | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University has some restrooms with rather creepy interior design plans, outdated at the very least. Here is a list of the creepiest restrooms on campus.

Third place

The restrooms in the Medical Sciences tunnels are the third creepiest on campus. These restrooms are small and compact, with no doors barring entry. 

What makes this pair of restrooms creepy and deserving of recognition on this list is the presence of a wall that hides everything behind it. This wall adds a sense of dread that is not deterred until one steps from behind it. Still, this is nothing compared to the next two on this list.

Second place

The restrooms on the second and third floor of Dunbar Library are tied for second place, as both interiors are the same. With these restrooms, both are off to the corner of the respective floors, and the lights are lowest in these areas. 

If that does not cause you to pause, then maybe the slow pull of the door will. After the door opens, it seems like it takes a while to close until it wooshes past your expectations, closing with an extra boost of speed. Come on, that is the stuff that happens in horror movies and scary games.

Then, inside the bathroom, the lighting is low-white in color, almost flickering as it illuminates the space. Not to mention the still musk that seeps through the air – it just seems ominous to be in there for too long.

First place (prepare yourself if you visit this one)

If you ever find yourself traversing the tunnels to get to the Dunbar Library, trying your best to avoid the brisk October cold that has blown through the area recently, you may notice a few restrooms along your journey.

Let us assume that you hold your bladder long enough until you make it to the tunnels under Fawcett Hall, then, suddenly, these two restrooms pull your eyes toward the left, enticing you toward a respite. You follow your desire and turn to your left and open a door.

Surprise, you are now in front of another door. Two doors in a restroom means ‘keep out’ in most situations, but no, not this time. This time you have a job to do, and you will not stop until it is complete. You bust through door number two and finally enter the restroom. 

Welcome, the lights are low and the interior is unappealing. It is a tight space too, with not much room for multiple people like a typical public restroom, which makes it all the more creepy. 

Trey Brown

News Editor

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